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Singley + Mackie is a full – service digital agency located in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2010, Singley + Mackie is a collection of digitally obsessed storytellers, strategists and media professionals dedicated to creating meaningful connections between brands and their community. In 2012 Singley + Mackie was named 1 of the “Top 100 Global Ad Agencies That Know Social Media and Google” by Forbes Magazine. 

Singley + Mackie currently serves clients across the Lifestyle, Entertainment and Consumer Goods Sectors in Creative, Social and Digital landscapes.




  • “I feel completely confident that the community management aspects of our social media are in great hands.”

    -Mary Renouf, Global Brand Director of Marketing, Xbox (now with T-Mobile)
  • “More than anything else, I am pleased with the speed and attention Singley + Mackie is giving to our customers.”

    -John Bonfield, VP, eCommerce at Direct Holdings Americas (Time Life)
  • “They recommend programs and solutions that are in direct alignment with our key business goals and objectives.”

    -Peter Kisich, Executive Director of Marketing,




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CBS Television Distribution and Excused Blogger Outreach

CBS Television Distribution and Excused Blogger Outreach

Reality television’s huge chunk in the entertainment market proves, at least, that we love to laugh at other people. And there’s good news if you’ve missed the messy, cringeworthy moments of shows like Blind Date. This week we started work with CBS to spread the word about a new dating show, Excused. We’ll execute outreach for the show, diving into the Internet and creating personalized proposals for dating, comedy, and television bloggers. By taking the time to search for influential writers with a strong interest in the show’s unfortunate daters or the hilariously mean host Iliza Shlesinger, we’ll reach the audience most likely to tune-in, and find the bloggers most likely to continue discussing the show.

We’re also running a holiday sweepstakes for Excused to encourage the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Because it’s even more fun to dissect disastrous dates when there’s a chance to win a tablet or an Amazon gift card.

My Little Pony on YouTube

My Little Pony on YouTube

Do you remember the My Little Pony toys that were launched in the 80s? The original, iconic toy line ran from 1983 to 1995 and inspired some great animated specials! Recently, Hasbro re-imagined and re-launched The Ponies in a new series on The Hub called My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and we are happy to announce that they tapped Singley + Mackie to design, optimize and launch the accompanying YouTube Channel!

This has been a fun project! In addition to watching a lot of great episodes of MLP for work, we’ve been able to reach out to fans of all ages and walks of life (shout out to the Bronies!) as we talk to them about what they love about The Ponies.  Check out one of our favorite clips below, then head over to the official My Little Pony YouTube channel to catch more!

SOHO Beauty and Conair Corporation

SOHO Beauty and Conair Corporation

We are happy to announce a new venture with SOHO Beauty, a cosmetics accessories company looking for a strong social media push. Previously focused on cosmetics cases, SOHO will soon launch a line of bags and brushes. We’ll help promote these new products as well as increase the company’s presence around the web.

SOHO Beauty is part of Conair Corporation. You’ve likely seen its products in Target, Walmart, CVS, or the like. SOHO strives to make beauty easy and accessible for women everywhere, without sacrificing style or quality. We are completely on board with this goal and can’t wait to get started!

Xbox on Empire Avenue

Xbox on Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue announced today the launch of Branded Luxury Items and Achievements, with Xbox leading the way. Click through to read the full press release.

The #1 video game system in the world is now the #1 virtual item in the Social Media Stock Market of Empire Avenue! In addition to being the top brand on EAv, Xbox is the first branded luxury item to be offered in their market that has offered, until now, only non-branded luxury items like cars, boats and mansions.

Why does this matter? Virtual goods were a 7.3-billion-dollar business in 2010 (according to In-Stat), and that number is expected to double by 2014. On Empire Avenue, these virtual items can not only be used to offer in-game benefits, but also allow users to turn their Social Capital into tangible rewards.

For brands, the Luxury Items and Achievements platforms can be used to fuel advocacy programs or simply to encourage deep engagement by people who are active online.

“We’re thrilled to have Xbox on board to debut Branded Luxury Items and Achievements. It’s a great example of a brand that has really embraced social media, and it’s no surprise that Xbox quickly rose up the ranks on Empire Avenue. We’re excited about the potential of this platform to allow users and brands to connect in meaningful, mutually beneficial ways, and we can’t wait to see how companies will leverage our Luxury Items and Achievements to reach new audiences and reward their existing, loyal fans.” – Duleepa Wijayawardhana, Chief Executive Officer at Empire Avenue (@dups)

If you are not already playing on Empire Avenue, sign up, buy an Xbox then having fun buying and selling shares in your friends and colleagues! You can also find Singley + Mackie on Empire Avenue. Drop in and leave us a shout out!

TRANSFORMERS: Official YouTube Channel Launch

TRANSFORMERS: Official YouTube Channel Launch

Today we are excited to launch the official TRANSFORMERS YouTube channel. It has been nothing short of an absolute blast working with our client, Hasbro, on this. And who knows, maybe we’ll steal a little thunder away from Star Wars today – as it’s Star Wars Day today.  Not that we’re biased or anything, but Darth Vader doesn’t have anything on Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

The channel features a background emblazoned with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (our personal favorite). The header and branding, however, revolves around the upcoming, third installment in the TRANSFORMERS movie trilogy, TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon, which comes to theaters July 1, 2011.

We’re not sure about you, but the 1080p movie trailer is getting us pretty pumped for this summer’s release!

We’ve made sure the channel is chock-full of content that TRANSFORMERS fans will be excited about. There are playlists for new movie trailers (four videos), TRANSFORMERS Prime clips (17 video clips), TRANSFORMERS instructional clips (five videos), and even a TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame playlist (nine videos).

Our excitement is off the charts for the upcoming movie and for our ongoing work with Hasbro. Hope you enjoy this YouTube channel as much as we do!

Services and Capabilities

Singley + Mackie manages social media strategy, planning, content creation and engagement for most clients with a focus on the “big five”: Facebook (including Instagram), Twitter (including Vine), YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. Although this is where we spend most of our time, we also help manage and moderate other social media channels like LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogs, forums and podcasts.

In addition to content creation, moderation, engagement and syndication for these networks, we employ in-house application developers and in-house video production professionals.

Community Management & Moderation

We don’t stop at posting content; we follow through with one-on-one consumer engagement and interaction. We feel that social media is not a one-way platform, but a two-way conversation.

Analytics & Reporting

Tracking brand channels in social media is critical to measuring the success of a campaign. We condense this information into weekly “flash” reports and monthly summary reports.

Commercial Video Production

We produce world-class videos that are optimized for online viewing and sharing.

Short-form Video Production

Instagram and Vine production, publication and promotion for your brand.

Facebook Advertising

We don’t use a “set it and forget it” method of ad trafficking, we constantly monitor, analyze and adjust targeting, spend and frequency caps to maximize click-through-rates and conversion.

Twitter Advertising

Unlike most agencies, we have created and successfully managed Twitter Promoted Trends, the most prominent ad unit on the channel.

App Development

Our in-house developers can create your next mobile, Facebook or microsite app.

Sweepstakes, Contest and Promotions

We know the legal ins and outs of sweepstakes, state-by-state, platform-by-platform.

We would love to hear from you!