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Marrying your video content strategy with Vine, Instagram and YouTube

By now we’ve all read several articles stating that short form video is coming to the forefront of digital marketing, however, brand adoption has relatively low. With Facebook’s organic reach in continual decline, my guess is that brands will begin to look to social networks, like Instagram and Vine, where organic distribution is still 100%. Here is a thought on how brand’s can marry their video content strategy.

Vine – six seconds is not a lot of time, but it’s the perfect amount of time to create a teaser. If you look at HBO’s Game of Thrones Vine, prior to the beautifuldeath.com campaign, they were doing a great job teasing out Season 4. While it seems that every Vine is stop-motion, it doesn’t have to be. HBO’s GOT season 4 previews are not and they were garnering excellent engagement with thousands of like and hundreds of revines for each teaser.

Instagram – 15-30 seconds is the perfect amount of time for a preview. Instagram is the social network where the highest percentage of its users are millennials and millennials are social. Instagram is the perfect “middle man” between Vine and YouTube as you can continue an ongoing hashtag campaign from Vine and other social networks, and your bound to get new young eyes that will engage and share your prview.

YouTube – it’s no secret that YouTube is the world’s largest video content network and the second largest search engine. YouTube is a familiar place for viewers and the obvious place to feature a 30s+ video. One thing a brand might consider doing, is shuffling users to their G+ as your YouTube channel is automatically integrated into your G+ brand page.

Let’s go through a basic hypothetical situation. Let’s say I own a brand called Robby’s Cookalicious Recipes and I want to promote my newest favorite recipe – Tarragon Butter Ribeye with Cauliflower Mash.

My Vine teaser may be just the ingredients smashing into each other with a frame of my completed plate and a CTA pointing a user to Instagram. My instagram preview could be a 15s preview with me telling the audience what cooking techniques they are going to learn and my feature on YouTube would be the full instructional video.

My anticipated result would be an increase in overall engagement, with metrics to prove it, and ultimately more views and eyes on my featured content. With use of the hashtag, I can track the conversation across channels and watch the conversation evolve, pre and post release.

Now let’s say your brand is running a sweepstakes. You likely have already produced a video or videos to promote the campaign for YouTube and/or paid video advertisement initiatives. You’ve probably thought about how to promote your sweepstakes through Twitter and Facebook and come up with a clever hashtag to do so. Why not add Instagram and Vine into the overall marketing strategy? Ultimately, you’ll be able to grow your audience and in the social world of 100% news feed distribution, more fans means more engagement and more engagement typically means more conversions.

Want to chat more about this idea? Feel free to shoot me an email at robby.choate@singleymackie.com.

Facebook’s Race To 0% Organic Reach (And Why We Should Embrace It)

facebook-organic-reach-picFacebook’s organic reach for pages is plummeting, and I for one cannot wait for it to be 0%.

For the last couple of years, I’ve read a lot of long stories and short tweets about Facebook’s organic reach for Pages dropping. There was early speculation that posts by a Page “didn’t reach everybody”, which of course was true. Not too long after that, brand managers were upset because their content was suddenly being seen by less than 50% of their total fans. Late in 2013, several reports showed that organic reach had dipped to under 20%, and as of last week we are seeing studies and hearing rumors that it will drop to 1-3%.

I will say it again: I am quite anxious for the total organic reach to bottom out at 0%.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’ve enjoyed the free ride as much as anybody. For years, Singley + Mackie has been able to create rich content for our clients that we syndicated on Facebook and other channels. When we would post something on behalf of the brands we work for, quite a few fans of the page would be able to see it, and hopefully would engage or share in some meaningful way. But times have changed, you need to accept that the free ride is over, and rightfully so.

Let me ask you a string of rhetorical questions. How many television ads are free to the company that wants to air them? How about radio spots? Magazine and newspaper ads? Billboards? The fact is, marketing your brand costs money. If you want to be seen or heard, you need to pay for it. Why then are people complaining about this regarding Facebook? Is it because it used to be free?

Facebook is now a publicly traded company. With that comes the reality that they have to make money, and even when they have made a lot of it, they have to make more. That’s how public companies work.  It should come as no surprise then that organic reach has dropped, and I now view the 1-3% organic reach as a bonus. If I bought a block of television advertising and the channel gave me 3% bonus airtime for free, I would be thrilled. This is my new attitude regarding Facebook pages; I am happy with any organic reach at all, because it really is just a bonus.

notificationsIf we can all accept this new reality of Facebook marketing, then we can quit holding out for free, magical, viral things to happen; because they are not going to happen.  The new rule of Facebook marketing is that brands will have to put some budget behind their efforts if they want them to be seen. Consumers still have the option to get notifications (they can scroll down on the Like button and check this feature so they don’t miss a single post), but as a brand manager you cannot rely on that happening.

My advice to brand managers and agencies is this: start having the budget talks now, so when it is time to allocate for paid and earned media, all of the time and effort you have put into Facebook marketing to date is not lost.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your Facebook paid media budget is at least 1x your budget for content creation or application development budgets. Facebook would recommend that the paid media budget is at least 4x and often times big brands will allocate budgets of 10x or more.

Let’s quit complaining about how Facebook used to be, and start accepting how it actually is. Facebook is now a paid channel, just like everything else in marketing.

A parting thought: Twitter went public late last year. I wonder what conversation we’ll be having about its organic reach at this time next year…

Singley + Mackie’s #YoureDoinItRightWhen Promoted Trend for YP.com Named a Shorty Awards Finalist

Singley + Mackie is thrilled to be named as a finalist in the Best Use of a Hashtag on Twitter category of the Shorty Industry Awards. The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short form content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social Web.

#YoureDoinItRightWhen YP Promoted Trend from Singley + Mackie on Vimeo.

In November of 2013, YP.com tasked us with starting a conversation about “doing” that would create massive brand awareness and increase share of voice. After tracking and analyzing months of hashtag behavior, we came up with the sentence-starter #YoureDoinItRightWhen. The result? Over the course of the 24 hour takeover, the hashtag was used over 53,000 times – 5-40x more volume than any of the Promoted Trends in the week prior or the week after.  The hashtag achieved 14 hours of organic lift in addition to the paid efforts, making it one of Twitter’s most successful Promoted Trends ever.
The idea was simple: choose a hashtag that could have been created organically to encourage organic use. Focus on fun and action, while tying it back to the YP product. Users that might otherwise ignore a paid campaign got in on the action because it fit in so seamlessly with their Twitter experience. Everyone’s got an opinion, and the #YoureDoinItRightWhen promoted trend let users share theirs while achieving exposure to the new YP branding.
Almost three months later, #YoureDoinItRightWhen is still mentioned daily by Twitter users, a unique achievement that other hashtag campaigns cannot claim.
It’s a huge honor to be one of only 10 finalists in the “Best Use of a Hashtag on Twitter” category!

Singley + Mackie Appoints Keith Pape as Senior Vice President of Social Engagement

LOS ANGELES, Calif , August 21, 2013– Singley + Mackie, Inc. today announced that it has appointed Keith Pape as Senior Vice President of Social Engagement, effective immediately. With the appointment of Mr. Pape, a leading digital agency executive, Singley + Mackie has taken an aggressive position in the marketplace as the trend toward boutique digital agencies over larger, more traditional firms continues to grow.

Pape said, “I’m really excited to see what our unique combination of experiences and talents can bring to Singley + Mackie clients.”

Most recently, Pape served as VP of Social & Emerging Media at Los Angeles based Ayzenberg Group leading a team in executing social media campaigns for the likes of Electronic Arts, Yahoo!, Sony Online Entertainment and Microsoft.

“I am thrilled to have Keith on board.  I have admired his role in the industry for a long time, and am excited to work with him to bring new services and abilities to our current and future clients,” said Matt Singley, CEO of Singley + Mackie, “Keith has an incredible track record of strategic thinking and campaign development, and I look forward to bringing his insight to our clients.”

About Singley + Mackie

Singley + Mackie, Inc. is a privately held, full-service digital agency with headquarters in Los Angeles, California and associates around the United States.  Singley + Mackie’s unique combination of technology, sociological research, data analysis and marketing street-smarts helps connect brands and consumers in a variety of creative ways.  More information at singleymackie.com. On Twitter, @mattsingley, @keithpape, @singleymackie.

Social Nesting

We believe that digital marketing, especially in social media, is best viewed holistically. Paid, earned and owned media should all work together to form a unified message and campaign. As we looked at people’s best efforts to illustrate this we came across some fantastic Venn Diagrams, interesting flow charts and creative infographs, but none seemed to encapsulate the idea better than a very simple toy: the nesting doll. Although each piece can be viewed individually, the true joy and success of a nesting doll comes from all parts being integrated.

Are you tired of disjointed messaging segmenting your customers? Do you want to work with an agency that strongly believes in an integrated PR, CRM and social media approach in all areas of earned, owned and paid? Fill out the short form below and we will mail you a social nesting doll that has all of the information you need to get to know us better and see what we are capable of doing for you.  It’s yours to keep and proudly display on your desk, but we hope that you will also find the various videos, report samples and live application demonstrations inside to be helpful. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

PLEASE NOTE: We only send out our social nesting dolls to people at companies that may want to do business with us. We know they are amazing, but we just cannot send them out to the general public. Thanks for your understanding.

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NEW! Timelines for Brand Pages on Facebook

Adapt to the ever changing world or die trying. At Singley + Mackie we know that it’s necessary to research and adapt to the many changes that social media platforms throw out to their users. Facebook recently announced that Timeline will be pushed to brand pages, which means many new features that brands can benefit from. We detail some of the major changes below, and if you want to see what it looks like live we have already updated the Singley + Mackie Facebook Page.

The Cover Photo

Replacing the soon-to-be defunct Welcome tab will be an 851 x 315 pixel cover photo, which is supposed to be a proper representation of the brand and not look like a banner ad. Facebook will crack down on images that include price or purchase information, contact info, calls to action, or references to Facebook such as Like or Share. But, it doesn’t mean that the cover photo can’t be a great place to give an upcoming marketing initiative some much-needed exposure on a Facebook page.

The Timeline

Timeline will be great for brands, especially if they have a history that extends past the lifespan of Facebook. Brands and businesses can take advantage of pinnacle points in time such as when they were founded, when they opened new locations, when they partnered with new clients and more. If a brand page wants to feature a particular post, it can be pinned to the top of the page for up to seven days by clicking the pencil icon in order to increase visibility and can point users to application tabs that are currently active on the page. Attention-grabbing posts can also be made wider by clicking on the star icon located on each post. Friends that mention a brand will also be featured near the top of the brand timeline. In essence, all of these features should make the brand so interesting that the brand won’t need to tell people to “Like” the page.

The Applications

Application tabs still have a home on a brand page; however, they’re now featured from left to right below the cover photo instead of descending down the left hand side of the page. Although fewer application tabs will be visible on the page, they will benefit from increased visibility since images will now be 111 x 74 pixels instead of the 16 x 16 pixels previously used. Application pages will benefit from an increased size of 810 pixels, although brands can choose to stay with 520 pixels wide in the Developer app and can fan gate if a brand chooses.

The Administrator Panel

The new admin panel contains current activity on the brand page, lets brands respond when people write on the timeline and also view insights, which may be why rumors of real-time stats for Facebook brand pages surfaced. Additionally, fans can now message a brand page and the notifications will appear in the admin panel, which will be a great way of dealing with sensitive customer service issues instead of doing it in public on the page’s Timeline. However, pages cannot initiate direct messages to fans.

The Activity Panel

This helpful feature will be a great way to go back and pick out old posts that were extremely popular and highlight on older dates of the brand timeline.


Timeline for brands will be a great way to help brands engage with Facebook users, but engagement will still be key to increasing visibility on a user’s Wall. As action verbs are used more frequently in the future, it should be fundamental for a brand to use them where appropriate, such as the “pinning” verb for Pinterest. Our client SOHO Beauty Brand is on Pinterest, so it would be a great way for other Facebook users to re-pin items and have it show up on their Facebook page.

What do you think about Timeline for brands?

SOHO Beauty Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes

SOHO Beauty Valentine's Day Your Way

One of our new clients, SOHO Beauty, thinks every girl deserves to feel special this Valentine’s Day, and we love that idea. To help spread the news, we created a campaign around the concept of Valentine’s Day, Your Way. Like many of our sweepstakes, we’ll encourage entry through Twitter and Facebook. And for the first time, we’re making Pinterest part of the contest. This is a somewhat new idea in the “social” realm, but we expect to see some great images from SOHO’s creative fans in the fashion and beauty community.

SOHO Beauty Facebook

The sweepstakes has two parts. Under the SOHO Facebook page’s Valentine’s Day tab, entrants have the chance to win a grand prize spa trip for two, and two sets of the SOHO Professional line in a special brush roll. Second prize is the SOHO Professional brushes and the choice of any bag or case on the SOHO Beauty site, and third prize is the choice of one SOHO product.

SOHO Beauty Your Way Pinterest

For part two, SOHO Beauty asks “What Does Valentine’s Day, Your Way look like?” To answer that question, and to win any three SOHO Beauty products, participants can tweet a picture or post to Facebook using the #YourWay hashtag. We’ll collect all the pictures and post them on the SOHO #YourWay Pinterest board. We hope the board becomes a beautiful visual representation of the different ways to appreciate loved ones and celebrate yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

SOHO Beauty and Conair Corporation

We are happy to announce a new venture with SOHO Beauty, a cosmetics accessories company looking for a strong social media push. Previously focused on cosmetics cases, SOHO will soon launch a line of bags and brushes. We’ll help promote these new products as well as increase the company’s presence around the web.

SOHO Beauty is part of Conair Corporation. You’ve likely seen its products in Target, Walmart, CVS, or the like. SOHO strives to make beauty easy and accessible for women everywhere, without sacrificing style or quality. We are completely on board with this goal and can’t wait to get started!


SOHO Beauty CaseSOHO Beauty Case

EA Play Holiday Sweeps with Fotobabble

The EA Play brand is built around the idea of family and friends gathered together, enjoying games, and creating memories. Now is the perfect time of year to let loved ones know what they mean to us. In this holiday spirit, we produced the Ultimate Family Holiday Sweepstakes for EA Play and Electronic Arts. The Sweeps uses the Fotobabble app, which combines a photo and recorded message into a personalized story. It gives fans a way to share their care with the EA Play community, for their favorite aunts, their deployed husbands, and their amazing moms.

The contest runs through December 23. For a chance to win the ultimate prize package, try the Fotobabble app, and then share your masterpiece with your own family and friends. It’s a simple, sweet way to give thanks and show a little love. After all, ‘tis the season to be grateful!

EA Play Ultimate Family Holiday Sweepstakes

Littlest Pet Shop Video Outreach

One of the many, many subgenres on YouTube is Littlest Pet Shop fan videos. Young LPS enthusiasts create amazing original content with the toys, from music videos to multi-season series. Continuing our work with the Littlest Pet Shop YouTube channel, we asked some of these dedicated fans to produce videos using Walkables, the new LPS miniatures that differ from the traditional toys because they waddle on their own.

We worked with some talented children, who imagined and executed short stories for the toys. And after several rounds of editing by our in-house team, we’re delighted with the results. Reaching out to these fans thanks and encourages Littlest Pet Shop lovers, and promotes Walkables in a creative way. Check out the kids’ hard work on the LPS channel, and watch for new videos soon!

We would love to hear from you!